la.looshi is a brand based in Edmonton, Alberta. It all started when Lebanese Canadian, fashion designer- Jessica Halabi had her first baby girl: Alya a.k.a Looshi. Getting restless at home, Jessica started playing with fabrics and created her first baby wear design for Alya. Realizing how much fun baby fashion was, Jessica was quick to set up shop in local markets and shows. 

la.looshi turned from a trendy baby wear brand into one of a kind pieces inspired by the levant; using the keffiyeh, middle eastern imagery and traditional fabrics. La.looshi items and the work by Jessica Halabi is proudly sold at the Arab American National Museum. We often choose to donate portions or even all of our sales to humanitarian aid locally and abroad. 

Today, la.looshi products are still 100% made by Jessica herself, side by side with (the best helper in the world) 9 year old Alya & her not so helpful (but totally entertaining) brother, 7 year old Odai. 

Each la.looshi item is sewn with high quality and meticulously chosen fabrics, keeping in mind fashion + play. Every piece is unique and usually only one or two of each size is made. 

peace. humanity. equality. love 

the la.looshi family